The South Carolina Satisfy Your Thirst Tour highlights homegrown spirits, ciders, brews, and beverages. In the Pee Dee region, you’ll enjoy the Southern flavors our brewmasters pour into the locally crafted beer. Our famously sweet wine is made from muscadine grapes that grow in our warm and humid climate with plenty of sunshine. Other beverages featured on the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour are ciders, artisanal sodas, farm-fresh milk, and sweet tea.


Black River Distillery


Blenheim Ginger Ale


Cartersville Country Winery


Hyman Vineyards


Local Motive


Middle Sparrow Ranch


Seminar Brewing


Southern Hops


Straw Hat Distillery


Wild Heart Brewing Company

South Carolina’s Satisfy Your Taste Tour

Since South Carolina’s establishment in 1663, travelers have had a taste for our homegrown spirits, ciders, brews and beverages.

Find new ways to satisfy your thirst for adventure in the Palmetto State as we celebrate everything from sweet tea and farm-fresh milk to moonshine, craft beer and in fused vodkas.

From traditional recipes to modern iterations of South Carolina’s most iconic drinks, we invite you to embark on the Satisfy Your Thirst Tour and taste the history, craftsmanship and unique stories behind every sip.

Download the entire state of South Carolina Satisfy Your Taste Tour Guide